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As you go deeper into your self-discovery and healing process, you will find that shame around sexuality may be one of your core wounds. Fusex Social club was created by a group of Swingers, kinksters, and Polygamous like you and I who are attorneys, human resource executives and tech entrepreneurs. More than ever employers and background check companies are creating fake profiles on all sexual oriented websites to check on their current of prospective employees' digital footprints. Mediocre public websites for swingers, kinks, or Polyamorous are full of violent offenders and fake profiles. They cannot and will never be able to preserve your secrecy and safety. Our policies, procedures and protections are always evolving to stay ahead of new strategies. We have multiple layers of security in place to protect the safety and confidentiality of our club members, employees, and organization. We have a sustainable privacy program built on accountability and consistency.


Why Join The Fusex Social Club Minnesota Swingers Club Chapter?



  1. 100 % pure closed restricted network, all of your interactions are 100 % legally protected.
  2. Regardless of your social status, current career, or public figure status. You’ll be 100% anonymous
  3. Fusex swinger parties are hosted by passionate purpose-driven Swingers, Poly and kinksters like you and me .
  4. The world’s safest community for swingers, Poly and kinksters. We conduct an extensive criminal background check. Fusex Social Club is free from sexual predators and violent offenders.
  5. No need to be paranoid about seeing or stumbling upon a family member, someone you may know or work with. FuseX Social Club has many internal and external legal and technology mechanisms in place to restrain all current members from ever being able to legally reveal confidential information to outsiders. It is our policy to act against anyone that violates our agreements.
  6. With a combination of human instincts, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Fusex Social Club is leading the way in innovation.
  7. All Fusex Social Club Members have passed a risk assessment review.
  8. Being part of the world’s safest community for swingers, Poly and kinksters, Fusex Social Club can prevent blackmailing and intercept a violent offender before you become friends, invite him/her/they into your house
  9. As an innovative and highly selective club, Fusex Social Club is your Matchmaking agency for swingers, kinksters and Polyamorous we Hand-Picked all Members. Fusex Social Club legally protects your professional career, and you will be able to pursue public office and highly visible careers in the future without worry.
  10. When you become a Fusex Member you’ll have, the world’s best and brightest legal minded trial attorneys at your disposal. Experienced, aggressive battle tested top rated Super Lawyers and a dedicated team of investigators that are ready for immediate deployment. Those elite team of professionals, will protect your constitutional rights against the government and evil bad actors that wants to ruin your career and or reputation.


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